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Division of states in india….

February 16, 2010

In 99-2000,there 3 more states have been added—–they are—jharkand,uttaranchal,chattisgarh.
And now Andhra pradesh will also divided into two part.the name of other part is telagana.

Some thoughts on this topic

Division of states …this is really very nice topic….
You know there are various factors which really forces us to ponder upon this issue.
First of all initially division of states was done on the basis of linguistic divisions in India, the motivation behind this thought was to unite the geographies based on languages…so that the citizens of a particular state or province can elect their representatives to whom they can easily understand and convey their sufferings and also suggestions for the development.
But slowly some influential political people from a particular region within the state gained the majority and started flow of funds and aid to their province. This was a simple misuse of the Democracy, which invoked the agitation and protest within the states for the region which has been neglected by the government.
Now by looking at the ignorance by the government for a particular region the local agitation came as some disagreements and boycotts of the state government. Now here comes the role of the central government to avoid such agitations and also implementation of the policies at the ground level…adhering to their cheap political advantages none of the ruling party in the center tried to take direct ownership to suppress such kind of partiality to a particular region or part of the state, which has to be happened when very first time such kind of agitations came into the picture.
but our democracy is a sweet game of ignorance which in turn enlarged the bubble.
Our Prime Minister Mr. Manmohan singh always utters one sentence that “Politics is the art of possibilities”…and even i personally believe in this fact…but somehow the lack of vision and willingness of Indian political parties brought such kind of situation.
This is the great weakness of Indian democracy that we do not have a great vision and willingness of unification of society as a whole rather than a small part or province…its utter mean and cheap ideologies for the development of particular part of the nation rather than entire country.
The other part which i can think of is that the local political activist are very much interested and very much inclined to get the power…and who know they will also misuse the power which will be awarded to them after division of states.
If the ruling party comes into the power after division is loyal and has good development agenda than there will be positive results, which happens rarely, i mean if you take the example of jharkhand…Which was a simple example of darkness under light. According to Indian Bureau of mines  , Jharkhand contains 32.35 percent of  India’s coal,33.85 percent of copper,23.32 percent of iron ore,46.51 percent of mica reserves. Even if it is so rich in resources, it is inhabited by the poorest people of India.So the decision of dividing that region seemed to be a good move, but if you look back from the day the decision was taken you can find lot of controversies of the state government etc. Basically the steps taken was great but the execution of the plans at the ground level was not really great.
So simply i think even if we divide the states to give some good opportunities to the local people of that region, and after that if we would not execute the public welfare plans then it’s a waste and completely motivated by the cheap political advantage.
Let’s see the next example of Telangana will give the better result or not…



Hello world!

February 11, 2010

I am new to this world of blogging. I was keen and very much interested in finding a way by which i could express my thoughts and view on any public or social or political or any social economical issue, so one of the friend suggested me to use the try blogging.

I am not sure  how long will i follow this tool of expressing the thought, but still this is a better idea to learn and share the wisdom rather than keeping it to my own mind.Most of the times what you think is not absolutely correct but sometimes by expressing the thoughts you can find the the actual personality hidden in you, which you are always afraid of bringing out in the public.

So here i am starting my journey to express the thoughts.